Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Just when I think Luke is getting on a regular schedule, he decides to break up his feedings into a million mini-meals and throw things off. But overall, things are starting to even out a little...

6:30 or 7am - wake up, diaper change, eatLuke in the sling
8am - go back to bed
10:30am - wake up, diaper change, eat
11:30am - hang out in a lap while we watch the news
1 or 1:30pm - diaper change, eat
2:30pm - take a nap, if I'm lucky
4 or 4:30pm - wake up, diaper change, eat
5:30pm - get in the sling to walk the dogs
6pm - sleep in the sling while I make/eat something for dinner
7pm - wake up, diaper change, eat
8pm - hang out in my lap or nap for a while
10pm - wake up, diaper change, eat
11:30pm - bath/daddy time
12:30am - eat
1am - sleep for the longest stretch of the night!
6:30 or 7am - start all over again

I guess things are pretty regular for the most part, but I'm still getting used to his little peculiarities. Today he's just been a little off... I'll change his diaper and he'll want to eat, but then he'll only eat an ounce or two and then nod off and not want to eat anymore. Then an hour later, he'll wake up fussy and hungry, and finish the bottle, and then wake up an hour later wanting to eat again. So I feel like I've had a bottle in my hand all day, and not the nice, relaxing grown-up kind.


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