Monday, July 27, 2009

How we got started...

We're a family of three now! Our son, Luke, is a month old now and I'm already behind in documenting his progress as a person (at least in this info-on-demand world). I do tweet pretty frequently about how things are going, though, so if you want to go back and read all about Luke's first month of life outside the womb (and even some before), feel free to go back and read my Twitter page.

However, I did tweet my way through part of labor, beginning the night before Luke arrived when my labor induction was begun, and after Luke's arrival (not the part where I was having the C-section, of course):
Been at the hospital for about 2 hours now. Apparently I'm actually having contractions and just didn't know it. Plans may change! #fbBy the way, I hate having an IV. Never had one before and it sucks, big time. #fb

I've been dosed w/Cervidil (instead of Cytotec) and the nurse just told me I'm "contracting right along." Ambien + sleep soon. #fb - Baby's heartbeat on top; contractions on the bottom. #fb

Kind of awake... slept pretty well, considering. Mom and Jake got in about 2 hrs ago. Ryan is sawing logs after a restless night. #fb - Breakfast of champions! #fbTook a shower, 2 laps around the L&D ward and now I'm watching Golden Girls with my new frenemy, Pitocin. #fb@ryanloyd - Ryan is an awesome coach!!Epidurals really do rock. I think I'll go back to sleep for a while. Wake me up when it's time to push... #fbAt last check, dilated 4. Baby's head seems to be moving down. Ryan is catching some well-deserved ZZZs and I'm going to do the same! #fb5 cm/80% effaced. Made 1 cm progress in an hour, so that's good news! Let's go, cervix! #fb
Still hanging out, hoping my cervix gets down to business. If I haven't progressed next time they check me, they're talking C-section. #fbRT @ryanloyd: - Introducing Luke Isaac Loyd!!!!! 7 lb 3 oz 21 in 8:21 pm #fb


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