Friday, July 31, 2009

Napping in the big bed

I've been staying up way too late at night lately, mostly because after Ryan gets home from work it's the only time I get to hang out with a fellow grown-up after being alone with Luke all day. He gets home around 11:30pm most nights, so lately we've been going to bed around 1:30 or 2am. It caught up with me this afternoon, and I couldn't get Luke to fall asleep in the bassinet. He kept spitting out his pacifier, and even though he was dry and full and swaddled and drowsy, he just couldn't make the transition to actual sleep.

I picked him up and laid him next to me in the big bed, and laid down with my body pillow watching him, and within about two minutes he was perfectly asleep, pacifier dangling out of his mouth. I let myself drift off, and we slept for a good hour and a half before I woke up and watched as he slowly fidgeted himself into a happy state of wakefulness, and we got on with the rest of the day.


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