Monday, August 17, 2009

Statistical analysis for mommies

Today I discovered, which is a site that lets you track your baby's habits. I should have been doing this all along... I've got nearly two months of missing data now! Basically, you input the baby's diapers (along with what was in them), sleep and awake times (including times you've put the baby down but he's not sleeping... also known as "transition time" or "attempted naps"), feeding times and amounts, measurements, and immunizations. The site aggregates the data and after a little while, you can start to look for patterns in baby's routine.

I think this will be really helpful as we gear up for Luke's two month checkup on August 26th, but also as he gets older and starts eating more, sleeping longer (or not as long, as the case may be)... and even when he gets into eating solid foods. Now that I'm back to work, it's also helpful because Ryan and I can both track Luke's habits (if I can get him on board with my new data obsession), plus I can input what happened while he was at day care, and we can both see his patterns as they develop.

There's also a journal function to track milestones and firsts, although I prefer to use Blogger for journaling, but it might be a nice way to jot down some notes! If you're a baby mama or daddy, you've got to check it out!


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