Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bath night

Ryan and Luke's tradition together is bath night. Luke gets a bath every other night or so when Ryan gets home from work. It's a nice way for Ryan to unwind and spend some good bonding time with Luke, and Luke gets good and clean and gets a slathering of baby lotion so he smells oh so good!

Luke didn't like the bath too much at first, but he's grown to enjoy it more and more, especially when Ryan doesn't use the bath seat and just holds Luke in his lap in the warm water. He's gotten to the point where he only gets upset when he's not in the water or in a hooded towel. As long as he's covered up with water or something fuzzy, he's a pretty happy boy!

After bathtime, Luke gets re-diapered and we put on his pajamas, he gets one more feeding and then he usually sleeps really well. It's nice for all of us!


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