Saturday, November 7, 2009

Luke Visits the Capitol

On November 7th, we visited the Texas State Capitol in downtown Austin with Sarah's cousin Darin. Darin was in Texas for some training and managed to get to Austin from San Angelo to see us!

We took him to see the State Capitol, and it was Luke's first visit as a new Texan also. We explored the House and Senate chambers (we are in the Senate chamber here), peeked down into the legislative library, and checked out all the floors of the Capitol building itself. Luke even had an Official Diaper Change in an out-of-the-way corner outside of the Governor's press room. (I found it somewhat fitting.)

We also went underground to the Capitol Annex, where Ryan told us all about getting to work inside the Capitol when he covers events there. We marveled at all the pink granite and strolled through the gift shop, of course.

Luke has now made his pilgrimage, and we're glad that Darin got to visit the Capitol with us too!
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